• "Dr.GreenThumb" par Cypress Hill


    Hello, Im dr. greenthumb
    Have you ever had the problem of running out of weed
    And just cant find some anywhere?
    Well try my dr. greenthumb grow tips
    I'll show you how to grow inside and out
    From seed to clone, and the best homegrown
    And if youre afraid of those pesky pork choppers in the sky
    No worries, well fix them too
    With one of our dr. greenthumb sizzlean screens
    To block the nosy pigs vision
    Dont believe me?
    Just ask one of my many satisfied clients here jed sanders
    How well it works


    Hello my name is dr. greenthumb
    I'd like to tell you just where Im from
    In the hills where the trees grow wild with weed fields
    The fucking pigs with shields holding the blue steels
    Greenhouse effect with the weed connect
    (doctor) dea cant keep greenthumb in check (doctor!)
    Hps, God bless the whole crop
    Please god, dont let me see no cops
    Trunkload, ready to hit the highway
    Dont let the eye in the sky fly my way....

    Qui sont les Cypress Hill ?? http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cypress_Hill
    Leur site : http://www.cypresshill.com/

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